Investigating Sundance Catalog's newest arrivals...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Elettra Tee ($78).
With: Necklace (I LOVE this!) | Bracelet | Ring | Earrings

Since my move from Manhattan to Brooklyn there's been one catalog noticeably missing from my mailbox: Sundance Catalog! It took a little while to get everything sorted out, but finally the latest Spring arrivals mailer was in my box this past weekend. And I'm so glad because I feel like I'd been missing out on their beautiful new arrivals.

There are so many things I love about Sundance Catalog, too many to name really. But a few of those favorite things are their attention to detail in things like embroidery and pattern placement -- how gorgeous is the Elettra Tee ($78) above? -- wonderful material choices and well-layered outfits that I could easily copy.

This time around I'm also adoring their models!! I covet this model's infectious personality. What a smile she has! It certainly makes me want to take a closer look at their clothing...

11 Spring outfits I can't wait to try...

Cold weather has kept me from rocking this outfit outside, but not for much longer! (I hope.)
Jacket | Dress | Bag | Shoes (old, similar)

Fall my be my favorite clothing season, but early Spring in New York City runs a close second for all of its cheery layering potential. Temperatures won't climb to warmth until late April at the earliest so these next 30 days or so are spent finding ways to dress for chilly outdoors, overheated subways and office buildings, and everything in-between.

Inside, 10 more outfits I'm excited to wear this early Spring...

Congratulations to...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Congratulations to...

Amelia (Amy for short!)

You have won the Effortlessly with Roxy $1000 Gift Card Giveaway!! The winner has been contacted and has claimed her prize (and has chosen Anthropologie!)

Thank you to everyone who entered -- there will be another contest soon.

OOTD: Warm hues and sunny days

I typically think of warm hues like mustard and red for Fall, but it turns out they work very well in Spring too...

Spring outfit perfection: Shoes, bags and accessories edition

The Appolini Bow Sandal ($210) is incredibly cute and wearable -- wait til you see them in blue!
photo: Ted Baker Instagram

Yesterday, we took a look at some of my favorite Spring dresses courtesy of Ted Baker -- perfect for everything from Easter and/or Passover to work, special occasions and date night. I would be remiss not to mention of all of the beautiful accessories the brand does too -- which is what this post is all about.

Inside, shoes, bags and accessories worth drooling over...

Spring outfit perfection is here! (And Easter/Passover ideas too)

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Clarbel Fit & Flare Dress ($429) is a beautiful, extra flattering Spring dress.

I'm glad there are still retailers out there who are catering to the feminine chic and updated classic aesthetics I adore. I've had a bunch of readers email me lately and ask if I have any Easter (or Passover) dress recommendations. The answer is YES!

For all your Spring holiday needs, for work or play or those days when you want to look and feel extra pretty, Ted Baker is here.

Inside, some of my current Ted Baker favorites plus sizing guidance and fit reviews...

Anthropologie adds new sale items at an extra 25% off!!

There are new sale items this morning at Anthropologie, and the extra 25% off sale promo continues!

NOTE: My site is in the process of being migrated to a new URL. Please update your bookmarks to as sometime in the near future, will no longer work.

Anthropologie's sale section has filled up a bit more with new markdowns today, and even better, the extra 25% off sale promo (no code required) has been extended!

Inside, let's take a look at some of the best fresh cuts and discuss what the near future might hold...

Weekend good reads: Macy's looks to customization and a richer assortment via the Wall Street Journal

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Jeff Gennette, Macy’s new CEO, at the department store’s flagship location in 
Manhattan’s Herald Square on March 21.
photo by Michael Rubenstein for the Wall Street Journal

If you enjoy reading about the business side of fashion as I do, a Wall Street Journal subscription is a must! This week the WSJ ran an article about Macy's new CEO Jeff Gennette and his plans to reinvigorate the struggling department store. As a NYC native who grew up shopping at the Herald Square store on occasion, it saddens me to see how far this once-great store has fallen.

The article however gives me hope. It has some great ideas from new CEO Gennette, who is thinking of ways to customize the consumer experience and reinvesting in better materials, fewer brands, and a better overall product assortment.

From the article:
"To boost sales of full-price merchandise, Mr. Gennette plans to add new brands and designers, while improving the materials and construction of some lines and varying the mix of items more. He pointed to Macy’s private label INC brand, which has raised prices around 8% on average after adding embellishments such as additional trim and better-quality fabrics."

One very interesting stat in the article was that 10% of Macy's 43 million customers account for a whopping 50% of its total sales. WOW. There is clearly a lot of room to improve there and who knew that so few people could keep a retailer afloat? It also makes me think of this MSN slideshow I saw earlier this week, about the disorganization running rampant at dying stores.

There's also plenty of warnings here about the peril of department stores, which makes me think of non-luxury department stores I love like Nordstrom and Anthropologie & Co. (I say non-luxury because luxury department stores are mostly doing just fine, especially at the highest end while midrange stores continue to struggle.)

The full article is available to subscribers of the WSJ, and for a limited time for free here.

What are your thoughts on this article?